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(a) Applications from eligible candidates made in the prescribed form only will be considered.

(b) Application form and Prospectus can be had from the College Office on payment of Rs.200/- for the academic year 2018-19.

(c) Application form will be issued in the name of the candidate seeking admission. It is not transferable.

(d) Applicants must fill in the applications legibly in their own handwriting.

(e) Applicants and their parents/guardians shall be solely responsible for the declarations made in the applications. If, at any time, it is found that an application is incorrect or inaccurate or incomplete, the student shall forfeit his/her seat.

(f) Late or incomplete applications or applications containing false information will be summarily rejected.

(g) Interview card announcing the time and date of interview will be sent only to those provisionally selected for admission to the course applied for.

(h) The provisionally selected candidate will have to be present himself/herself along with his/her parent/guardian for interview with the Principal on the date and time mentioned in the interview card.

(i) The provisional admission will be automatically cancelled if the candidate with parents / Guardians fails to turn up for the interview on the specified date.

(j) At the time of interview the candidates should produce the following certificates in original:

    • Transfer and Conduct Certificates
    • Mark List of the qualifying examination
    • Residence and Nativity Certificates
    • Community Certificate
    • Certificate in support of the claim for reservation under different categories
    • Cumulative Health Record issued by the Student Health Officer.

(k) Selected candidates must pay the fees immediately after the interview, if admission is confirmed. Extension of time will not be granted for payment of fees under any circumstances.

(l) Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Payment of Fees in installments is not entertained.

(m) Students leaving the College in the middle of the academic year shall have no right to claim a refund of any portion of the fees remitted at the time of admission.

(n) A student once enrolled for a course is expected to complete the same. He/She may not withdraw from the college without informing the Principal in writing. He/She will be liable to pay the fees for the whole of that academic year.

(o) Fees are subject to change without notice.

(p) The administration of the College reserves the right to effect any changes in the admission policy, fees structure, rules and regulations deemed necessary in the interest of students and the institution.

(q) Applicants who attempt to bring pressure or recommendations will be summarily disqualified. During the course fees should be paid within 15 days from starting of each semester, failure in which will attract fine of the required fees is not paid on time, their names will be removed from the rolls of the college.


Students are expected to be regular in their attendance at the classes and laboratories and to conform to the rules of campus discipline. A minimum of 75 percent attendance at the College and 90 percent at the laboratories is required for a student to be permitted to appear for the University examinations.


As per the orders passed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in W.P No. 656/1998 and UGC Regulations-2009 (letter No: F-1-16/20079CPP-II, Dt: 17.06.2009), Ragging is a criminal offence and it is strictly prohibited in our Institution. If any student indulges in any form of ragging he/she is liable to be punished in accordance with these regulations.Ragging related offences may be reported to the Principal – DR. SUKUMAR. J, Mobile No. 93616 78999.


Academic work starts on the reopening day of the College. Slackness in studies, irregularity in attendance and bad behaviour will be brought to the notice of the parents/guardians as and when warranted. The Languages under Foundation Course are not taught from alphabet stage. Only those who have studied the languages at school should opt for them. Ragging, being a serious offence, is strictly prohibited by a notification issued by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India – New Delhi with a penalty up to 2 years of imprisonment. If any student indulges in any form of ragging, he/she will be summarily rusticated from the College.


The twin objective of the College is academic efficiency and strict discipline. Progress of students will be carefully monitored. Parents are, therefore, reminded that they are not absolved of their responsibility once their sons/daughters are admitted to the College. The College solicits their cooperation and support in maintaining good academic standard and enforcing discipline not only to promote the education of their wards but also to shape their personality. Parents/Guardians should follow the student’s progress in studies as well as general conduct in and outside the College. They are advised to keep in touch with the HOD’s at least once a month. They must assure the authorities that they will accept responsibility for the proper behaviour of their wards. Parents/Guardians are expected to attend the parent’s meetings on the dates specified in the college calendar without fail.Failure to respond to the communications from the college will be deemed as non-cooperation by parent/guardians and Suitable disciplinary action taken by the Principal against their wards will not be reviewed in such circumstances. This collective effort of the Principal, faculty, administration and parents, is in the interest of the students for the total development of the personality.

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