Clean India

The NSS Unit of SGC observed “Clean India” as per the directions of the Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India, and the Ministry of Youth Affairs for a fortnight from 1st Aug. to 15th Aug. ‘2017.  During the period of time various awareness programmes had been conducted by the NSS unit of SGC.  About 50 NSS volunteers from our college involved in Dengue Awareness Rally in and around Mudaliarpet on 11th Aug. 2017.  The rally was organized by the Primary Health Centre, Mudaliarpet. The rally was flagged off and presided over by Thiru A. Baskaran, MLA, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry.

On the same day the volunteers involved in cleaning activities at Children’s Park, Health Colony, Velrampet and also volunteered themselves in planting tree saplings. 

The volunteers involved in cleaning the streets of Health colony, Velrampet, Puducherry on 11th Aug. ‘17.

On the 12th & 15th Aug. ’17, the volunteers took part in removal of Prosopis Juliflora & Crassipes in Velrampet Lake, Puducherry.


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