This programme is intended to give a sound basis of accounting, key cost concepts and resource utilization techniques. It is also intended to create knowledge on the overall functioning of business and industries, by learning all management functions such as finance, marketing, production, personnel etc. It is also offering a scheme of study to get exposure to legal environment in which a responsible business has to operate. 

You get an opportunity to learn proper guidelines for corporate governance based on sound business ethics. The knowledge gained under this programme will be relevant to pursue higher studies in business and management in particular professional courses leading to Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant.


Kumar S P.G. Head
Natarajan S Asst. Professor
Madane K Asst. Professor
Muthukumaran T Asst. Professor









Pandurangan S – U.G. Head
Sankar S – Asst. Professor
Vijayalakshmi M – Asst. Professor
Sivarajan N.M – Asst. Professor
Prakash S – Asst. Professor