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Computer scientists apply the theories and principles of mathematics and allied science, to design computers and develop software. Computer professionals work in many fields such as research, industry, government and business. The field of computer science is constantly moving forward, providing intellectual challenges and developing new knowledge on an almost daily basis. The department strives to provide students a broad education centered on computer science and delivered in the context of the liberal arts.

The department currently has 18 full-time lecturers and technical support staff. The Department has been offering degrees in computation and has evolved a comprehensive strategy for their development. Its objective is to educate students in the concepts, techniques and tools for different application systems. The Department is proud of the extensive industrial contacts, which have a significant influence on project work in the third year.


Karthika K – Asst. Professor
Bhavani. R – Asst. Professor
John Jacob M - U.G. Head
John Jacob M – U.G. Head
Amudha P – Asst. Professor
Dr.Surya Kala- Asst. Professor
Nithiya S - Asst. Professor
Nithiya S – Asst. Professor








Manikandan.ALab Instructor