Mathematics, from ancient times, has served as a model for rational thinking and is used extensively in all sciences. Of late, efforts are made to construct a new foundation basis for mathematics. In the post-graduate course, mathematics is studied, not only from the theoretical stand point, but in the direction of applicability in various fields serving the scientific and technical needs.

A remarkable amount of practical mathematics are developed which will provide a route to high quality careers in finance and industry. There is now a fair amount of stress in the inter-disciplinary studies such as statistics, commerce, econometric and computing, especially soft computing and programme skills.


PG Dept.

Geetha M P.G. Head
Sankeetha S Asst. Professor
Malathi M Asst. Professor








U.G. Dept.

Saravanan R U.G. Head
Muthamizhselvi Asst. Professor
Kalpana R Asst. Professor







Anitha R Asst. Professor
Anna Sheela Asst. Professor
Neeraja S Asst. Professor (Statistics)








Vijayalakshmi PM Asst. Professor