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A study of Physics widen your mental horizon – enabling one to have a refined understanding over nature, nature’s mechanism and related phenomena by exploring and answering the basic question what, how and why posed by the minds of mankind. Its horizon includes a wide spectrum of problem from microscopic subatomic nuclear particle quark behavior to macroscopic large galaxies’ structure. Enriched mathematics as tool, Physics seek optimum analytical solution for the day to day problems of life.

A study of physics hence equips one with good amount of knowledge about application of Mathematics & Chemistry. It will greatly help one to be prepared mentally to tackle the toughest of problems in science (Hence in life) with speed and remarkable precision.With the advance in nano technology, understanding of basic science gains considerable significance. UG physics curriculum provide a platform to those students thriving to aspire carrier in R&D and higher study such as M.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Material Science, M.Sc. Nano technology, M.Sc. Astrophysics etc.


Manivannane K – H.O.D
Kalaiyarasi K - Asst. Professor
Kalaiyarasi K – Asst. Professor
Sivakama Sundari K
Sivakama Sundari K – Asst. Professor
Nethaji D
Nethaji D – Asst. Professor
Sukandhiya S
Sukandhiya S – Asst. Professor
Sathana S
Sathana R – Asst. Professor
Srinivasaragavan – Guest Faculty











Viswanathan .V
Viswanathan.VPhysics Lab Incharge