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Science ClubThe goals of the Science Club are to provide students with information concerning academic support, research: to promote scholarly activities in the sciences, including research and science education; and to form partnership among host institutions,

To meet these goals, the Science Club of SGC sponsors meetings and conferences for the scientific community; provides opportunities for students to participate and present the results of their scientific research projects; organizes special seminars and workshops, and present distinguished speakers to provide information related to current research findings and cutting-edge technologies.


Literary Club LogoLiterary Club aims at promoting literary activities by fostering a love for books and literature in students. It enhances the power of both knowledge and its articulation which goes hand in hand and thereby opens wider perspectives for global success. The Literary Club desires to express themselves by way of elocution, debates, creative writing, talent search, handwriting competition, word building, essay writing, spell bee, oratorical competition etc. The club guides the students in various areas like accent and articulation, creative writing, extempore speeches, debates, quizzes and enables them to acquire mastery over language skills.


Women's CellThe College has established a “Women’s Cell” to girl students to alleviate the negative forces that confront women, both on the campus and in the city. The Women’s Cell handles issues related to women’s welfare and to educate them on gender-related issues. The women cell in our college is functioning to carry out the following    objectives:

  • To empower women as decision maker
  • To achieve economic, social and gender justice
  • To create awareness among the girls about the society
  • To enhance moral values
  • To improve the skill set of girls
  • To improve the health consciousness of girls

Competitions are conducted by the Cell to showcase students’ talents, boost their confidence and identify their strength areas. Quiz, singing, mehndi design, hairstyle, rangoli are some such contests. Seminars are also organized by the Cell on women health, on legal rights, on moral values and to improve their skill sets.


EDC LogoEntrepreneurial Development Cell is started in SGC to promote entrepreneurship skills in the students and to create opportunities for self employment. It is quite natural for students and parents to expect jobs immediately after completing a course. If job takers are in majority, there is also another group which ambitiously pursues to become job-givers i.e. they are looking for a way to become young entrepreneurs. Youngsters are being oriented towards business ventures and guided on the nuances of starting an enterprise. In order to achieve these objectives, EDC of our college is taking up the following activities under the EDC:

    • Arranging inplant Training in their core subjects
    • Arranging seminars by famous industrialists related to their subjects
    • Conducting seminars/ workshops to understand financial activities, export business, legal and administrative matters for establishing an enterprise.


Placement CellThe Placement cell was established in our college to help the students to show ways to get placements soon after completing their degree. Various activities are taken up by the Cell to create opportunities for the students to get placements in various companies and they are as follows:

  • To ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search.
  • To conduct professional training programs outside the curricula to provide better placements.
  • Arranging preparatory programs such as seminars, group discussions, written tests/interviews (mock), confidence building and personality development sessions, the general awareness courses etc., by experts in their respective fields for students to gauge and handle challenging aspects in their prescribed work sphere.
  • Those considering careers in various fields are offered career guidance and this is usually based on new and revised information regarding workplace trends.
  • Intern-ship is also offered to those students who are keen on experiencing a slice of workplace life.
  • The Cell also assists in generating awareness amongst students about the various opportunities present for them to explore.
  • Individual counselling and group sessions are held to assist in a smoother flow of activity.
  • Acts as a link between students, alumni and the work place.


DCThe college is keenly interested to take care of good behaviour of every student. Therefore the college ensures to maintain strict discipline in the college campus by taking the following measures.

  • To enforce strict dress code among students.
  • To enforce total prohibition of Cell Phone usage by the students inside the College Campus.
  • To Monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the college working hours.
  • To ensure that all the students attend classes without bunking & prevent the Students leaving the college early. Please note that no student can leave the College early without prior permission of the higher authorities (Gate pass issued needs to be produced).
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus and ensure that this is being strictly followed.
  • To ensure that students maintain utmost silence in the library.
  • To maintain proper discipline in the college canteen.
  • To assist the college anti-ragging committee in preventing ragging in the College and to spread anti-ragging campaign throughout the students community.


Anti-Ragging CommiteeRagging is totally prohibited in our College, inside and / or outside the campus and anyone found guilty of ragging and / or abetting ragging whether actively or passively, or being a part of conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished under the provisions of any penal law for the time being in force. The following are the measures to curb ragging activities:

  • Misconduct of any student either in spoken or written form or any action that has the effect of harming others.
  • Indulging in indiscipline activities that cause physical or psychological harm or fear or apprehension
  • Asking others to do things that they normally will not do and causes a sense of shame or emotional embarrassment.
  • Any act that disrupts others academic activity.
  • Financial extortion or forceful monetary burden on a fresher or any other student.
  • Any act of physical abuse including sexual, homosexual assaults stripping of clothes, forcing obscene lewd acts and gestures causing physical and mental torture.
  • Any act of abuse by spoken words, emails, posts, public insults to derive sadistic pleasure.
  • Any act that affects the mental health and self confidence of any student with or without an intent to derive sadistic pleasure or priority over others.


Grievance RedressalGrievance Redressal Cell is established to understand  the problems faced by students within the college and to redress them the objectives of the cell are to;

  • Create a platform where students feel to point out their problems, general drawbacks and limitations.
  • Get suggestions from the Students for improvement.
  • Give students the sense of participation in problem solving.
  • Clear misunderstandings or false notions.
  • Restructure policies in the light of grievances.

For the said purpose suggestion boxes are kept. Suggestion Boxes are opened every month. Meeting of the Cell is held every month to attend the problems of the Students. Grievances are scrutinized, recorded and genuine ones are redressed. Members of the Committee inform the concerned section to attend to the problems