SGC NEWS UPDATES : 15th Graduation Day of our college will be held in the last week of April, 2019. Register here

The vision of SGC – Saradha Gangadharan College is to provide quality higher education to the students in science, humanities and commerce. To make the students realize their role in serving  the society and contribute to the national development.To offer value based education to develop self- confidence and commitment to society.


Our mission is to instil very high standard of Integrity, discipline and knowledge. To make the students technologically superior and ethically strong to improve their quality of life. To pay individual attention, monitor the progress and appraise the parents to mould the students as good citizens. To inculcate social, cultural, economic and environmental values among the students.


Swaminathan. G

I’m delighted to learn that you are keen to study at our Saradha Gangadharan College. Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability. Natural abilities in you are like natural plants that need pruning by study. Choosing a college for study is an important stage in your academic life and more so, it is vital to give careful thought in selecting the subjects you are going to study. Our college is far from the world of gimmick and glamour and has a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere which enables you to experience the wisdom and knowledge you intend to acquire, in a joyous way. We have an excellent and dedicated Principal and staff who guide you to achieve your goal. Good thoughts, moral faith and goals will prevail in our institution. I believe you behave in such a manner that brings good name and happiness to you,your parents and teachers. We welcome you and bless you to come up in life with flying colours to become a Good Citizen.


Welcome to Saradha Gangadharan College. Our college is a centre for top quality teaching. Indeed, I am particularly proud that our college maintains its academic achievements, and continues to emphasize its tradition of working to the service of society. Whether you are an existing student or staff, or hope to become one, I hope you will find plenty to interest you. Our aim is to provide the finest possible environment for teaching and learning. We are vibrant and friendly, with a strong record of excellence in teaching. My role is to make sure that we continue to deliver the best that possibly can for students and staff and the professions we serve.


I am glad that you have proved your marvelous decision making power by planning to join our college. I need to say that ours is one of the best Private Colleges in Puducherry. With a devoted and highly qualified set of faculty members, well provided infrastructure and efficient administrative staff, we always impart the best education by giving depth in the subject that you are likely to pursue. We know that mere education does not make you a complete man / woman. So, we encourage you to participate in the co curricular activities. like NSS, and RED RIBBON club, Youth Red Cross etc. we provide you ample opportunities to know the world outside and to strengthen your sense of social commitments. With our rich library, we want you to develop reading habits. We do not lag behind in our sports activities. Our students always find a place in the Pondicherry University team what ever the game be. We always endeavour that when you go out of our portals you should be recognized as Good Citizen with Quality Such as  highly knowledgeable, amiable, active and greatly trust worthy one. Thanks to the educationally committed management, we have the reputation that we provide all the facilities and amenities. In this respect we become neighbours’ envy. Maybe because of all these, I proudly say that 40 to 50 percent of our students get placement in the reputed companies. I am sure that you are going to be one of them. Good luck!

A word to the parents: Sir/Madam, we give great importance to the discipline and characters shaping of the boys and girls who come to our fold. But I assure you that we will never be unduly strict. We treat them with parental care; but at the same time we pull them up whenever they err. Our system is such that no individual student can escape from our eyes. With all modesty, I declare that our institution is an other ‘Shanthi niketan’.